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Joy  Otis

Joy Otis

Client Services Associate

Joy is the President and Co-Owner of FRP Financial, and is the flow manager at the office. She lives by the Latin phrase “Quo Vadimus”, which means “where are we going”? This inevitably leads to the next questions: “what do we doing to get there, and what happens when we get there”? In this era of significant government oversight, you need someone to help interpret these questions, and help you through both the frustration and the comedy of the rules we have to deal with today.
You also need someone to be your best care advocate when you experience an issue with your medical, dental or disability claim. Joy has an extremely deep commitment to getting you through the “red tape” to get your claim settled in your favor.
In her spare time, Joy is a gym rat, loves bike riding and generally anything outdoors. Her next big challenge is to learn to enjoy winter. She is a long term member of the Spokane Central Lions Club, and serves on the District Board, in charge of the Lions Eye Glass Recycling Program in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.