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In today’s ultra-competitive labor market, both you and your staff need to know that your benefits are “top shelf”, in order for you to find (and most importantly) retain top talent for your organization. FRP Financial can keep your business where you need to be, in order to do both.
We will help manage any or all of your Employee Benefit Programs, and that starts with finding the most competitive and respected insurance and investment companies, implementing those policies, educating your staff, providing superior advocacy for claim and billing issues, and consulting with you on related HR issues. It is our goal to assist you in determining how to best manage the balance between the increasing cost of offering benefits, and the proper use of those benefits, to accomplish your organizational and financial goals. Whether your benefits package includes some of all of the following benefits, our team is here to support your team.

Health insurance is the foundation of a comprehensive employee benefits package.

 It is the most preferred employee benefit for people who work, and with the myriad of products available today, we can build you a program that fits both your needs and your budget, whether it be fully insured, level funded, self-insured or through an association.

Retirement planning is on everyone’s mind today.

 Second only to health insurance, a retirement plan ranks as “a most important” benefit today, by employees of all ages. These products can be complex, but with the government pushing all of us – employers and employees alike – to save for retirement, you need to know you can trust us as a resource. And we speak all the languages: 401k, 403b, 457b, SEP, SIMPLE IRA, ROTH, Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, Money Purchase, New Comparability, Safe Harbor and more.

Disability insurance.

The most important insurance your employees don’t realize they should have - until it’s too late. When someone becomes sick or hurt and can’t work, their paycheck stops, and they need to turn somewhere. The Washington State Paid Family Medical Leave can help initially, but AT MOST, these benefits last 12 weeks. Long Term Disability insurance provides an affordable safety net for your employees.

Dental Insurance.

Once thought to be a “fluff” benefit, dental coverage has been found to be critical in early diagnosis of numerous MEDICAL conditions, because people tend to visit the dentist more frequently that their medical providers. We can help you find a program that is paid for by the business, by the employees, or a combination of both, and with the endless number of plan designs available, we’ll find a plan that fits your budget.

Vision Insurance is an inexpensive addition that can keep people seeing correctly.

 No kidding. Just ask anyone who wears glasses, then ask them about the cost of those glasses. Group plans can significantly reduce the cost of exams and hardware, and with so many ways to customize plans, we can help build one that will have you seeing the value of adding this benefit.

Life Insurance.

Our experiences tell us that only about 3 out of 10 of your employees have life insurance beyond what you provide in your benefit package. With all the voluntary payroll deduction options available today, this is a benefit that can help you, help your staff easily obtain coverage, without the hassle of purchasing individual coverage

Accident/ Critical Illness/ Cancer/Hospital Indemnity payroll deduction programs.

Sometimes, some of your employees have specific insurance needs that all your staff may not feel important. This is where Worksite Benefits through carriers like AFLAC, Colonial and Allstate can help. But we don’t stop there…there are dozens of carriers offering these products today, and it is important for both you and your employees to be offered the most “bang for the buck” from the most reputable carriers in the market today.

Health Savings / Health Reimbursement / Flexible Spending/Child Care/Cafeteria

These programs can help your employees plan for future medical, dental or vision expenses now, by putting away money on a pretax basis. You as an employer can even help out by funding an HRA or putting money in a pre-tax Cafeteria plan for your staff. Let us help you find the program that benefits both your employees and your company.

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