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Dental Insurance

At FRP Financial, we can help you obtain individual/family dental insurance or assist employers with implementing or updating their group dental plan. Dental health is a key factor to preserving one’s general health. Employers and other health plan sponsors offer dental benefits for a variety of reasons. Offering a dental benefits plan makes economic sense. A frequently overlooked reason for employee absences or poor work performance is dental disease or discomfort for the employee or employee’s children. And as every human resources professional knows, days lost can mean money lost. A quality dental benefits plan can aid in the recruitment and retention of employees. Dental benefits are consistently cited as one of the most sought after employee benefits.

To browse for individual/family dental coverage, please click the image or contact our office. If you would like to shop Delta Dental directly, click the icon.
If you are an employer who would like to acquire the services of a professional brokerage firm, please contact our office for assistance.

Some content provided courtesy of AAPD, "A Buyer's Guide to Dental Benefits, 2009."

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