"Next to our skaters, our coaches are our greatest assest."  Pam Dawson, President of PNIC.

Over a year ago, PNIC took on an initiative to explore the option of offering a disability insurance program for coaches who are members of our PNIC Member Clubs.  Click on the PNIC logo to view member clubs.

We recognize that income protection is an integral part of financial planning because it not only protects you against loss of income, but it also protects your current assets, your retirement, and your family in the event that an injury or illness prevents you from working. 

The PNIC by-laws allow for coaches to join PNIC as associate members in order to take advantage of this opportunity.  Access the member form by clicking on: Professional Associate Membership & Contract form.   Your membership offers you access to various benefits that are customizable to your individual needs:

Long Term Income Protection (LTD)

We are pleased to offer you a special program with a significant premium discount on your choice of income replacement plans (disability insurance) with Principal Life Insurance Company for Professional Skating Associate members.  This income replacement plan can replace lost earnings while giving you time to recover from an extended illness or injury without the worry of losing everything you have worked so hard for.  This plan can be customized to suit your specific needs and budget, and can provide you with income protection all the way to your normal retirement age.  You can choose how much of your income you wish to protect, when benefits start, and how long they could be payable if your disability was permanent.  Click Here to obtain a quote from FRP Financial.

Short Term Income Protection (STD)  

STD, often called "paycheck protection," covers a portion of your income, typically for a short period of time in the event you are sidelined because of injury or illness.  You can choose the amount of income you wish to replace, how soon you wish benefits to begin, and how long you want benefits to be payable.  Click Here to obtain a quote from FRP Financial.

Accident Insurance  

Accidents happen at the worst possible times and whether your skates zip out from under you during a lesson; or you fall down the stairs at home, this accident insurance can help cover bills from the hospital, doctors, ambulance and more.  Click Here to review the coverage and obtain a quote.


We can also help you with your health insurance needs, retirement programs, and life insurance.

Contact FRP Financial with any questions you may have.  We can also be reached toll free at 1.877.531.1800.  Our office hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time).