At FRP Financial, we have a long reach of services to help you with almost any insurance, investment or employee benefit need that you may have. Some of our areas of focus include:


401(k) and ROTH,  457(b) and 403(b) Plans, College Funding Plan, Accident Coverage, Age

Weighted Plans, Business Overhead Coverage, Business Succession Planning, Buy/Sell Disability Coverage, Buy/Sell Life Coverage, Cancer Coverage, Deferred Compensation Plans, Dental Plans, Disability Insurance, Estate Preservation Needs, Fixed/Equity Indexed Annuities, HRA Programs, HSA/HRA Programs, Key Person Disability Coverage, Key Person Life Coverage, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Plans, Long Term Disability, Med Advantage Plans, Medical Plans , Medicare, Supplement & RX, Mutual Funds, New Comparability Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Private Pension Plans/412i plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Property & Casualty Affiliation, Retirement Needs, Risk Management Consultation, ROTH and IRA Plans, Safe Harbor Plans, Section 125 "Cafeteria" Plans, Short Term Disability, SIMPLE IRA/401(k), SIMPLE/SEP/SARSEP, Variable Annuities, Vision Coverage and Worksite Benefit Packages.